The restaurant business is a very exciting and adventurous enterprise and the Coobah concept is unique in its own way. Coobah is a European Street Café, coffee bar and restaurant that challenges the average perception of service by offering a unique, relaxed and entertaining dining experience created by a dedicated and professional team who are committed to giving the guests a little more than they expect.

With a passion for the food service industry, Pano and Henk had a vision of creating a unique restaurant concept that will become a market leader in the industry.

The Coobah concept was born when they saw a void in the restaurant market in Bloemfontein. The coffee shop, high street café concept was fast becoming popular in the global market place. The potential and demand for more of these cafes paved the way for Coobah to claim its place in the local market.


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Contact Details

Contact Person: Henk Cronje
E-Mail Address: /
Telephone Number: 051 444 0924
Fax Number: 051 444 0923

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