Bloemgate Liquors

Liquorland, your one stop liquor shop

Liquorland is a unique and fun liquor store that you’d want to be part of.

Liquorland started off as a banner group in the early 2000’s and has since grown into a franchise brand that has grown to 100 stores within the past year.

You will find a Liquorland in all regions and most towns. We are clearly visable to the eye and our external signage is bold for you to spot us.

If you would like to become a Liquorland franchise owner please contact your local Cash and Carry store or Leigh-Ann Collard on 011 532 3504. Please download the application form attached to become a member.

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Contact Details

Contact Person: David j.v. Vuuren
E-Mail Address:
Telephone Number: 051 444 6098
Fax Number: 051 444 6098

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